La Dispute

We cast our hearts in plaster
We imagined our bodies were fashioned of stone
But they chipped at the brick and mortar
We found out that we're only layers of skin hiding bones
And our bones are like chains, old and rusted in the rain
They're going to snap when the weight shifts.
These guys are amazing!


random snap

Scott Atkins

This guy is the beez knees! When ever you get a chance stop in at Jimmys Skate in town and give him a high five from me! Oh, he can also film stuff really good and make pictures that move and that steal your soul at the same time!

Dinosaur Eggs

The term 'off its dick' is such a good saying and it's probably the best way to some up last Saturday night! You see i have these Friends who are in a band that play bullshit good music! They thought they would take there sounds to the kitchen to see what they could fry up! the aftermath was a bitchin good time and a gargantuan hangover for everyone involved!

I love taking photos of great skateboarders! If you can roll arond on a plank really good and want some snaps then send me some love at hunni_photographics@hotmail.com


Luke Vaessen

My friend Luke likes to flip stuff off! Scream at things and flip stuff off. Even inanimate objects! Flips em all off . He doesn't even care because he is my rad friend Luke :)


pool sharks

Its safe to say I'm the worst at pool! Ever! This aside, over the last few weeks i have played the worlds most epic games of pool! i love that I'm so shit at it. be brave enough to fail :)



I'm jealous of Gus because he has bigger balls than i do!

Luca Brasi

Words wont do these boys justice!
Image copyrighted to Jesse Hunniford

Head Space

What makes you tick?


The thoughts we think determine our mood and vice-versa. These thoughts create our own reality.

Images copyrighted to Jesse Hunniford


i have a slight obsession with clouds atm.
Everyone likes good music yeah? well they don't get much better then these guys. So if you feel like getting your ears moist with pleasure check them out!


Save The Clocktower

Where does a bands sense of place lie?

On tour a band only has there place on stage, their home away from home.

Nothing is concrete, only temperamental. Change is always afoot.

Nuff said!

Great show!

We weren't board at all!

One weekend my friends and I decided to remake beethoven.

I miss Bourke st.

I had an amazing weekend! thank you all

Surfside, great friends, lots of booze and radical mad sick fun time music!
If you get a chance have a listen to Casino Kids and Ride the Tiger, very talented guys and i like their music!

my friend Sam has an amazing mustache!

girl with gum