Turf Wars

Our street is filled with gangs, their average age may be 6 to 12 but there are hordes of them. There are three main gangs, one next door and two down the street. They have weird gang get ups that resemble school uniforms.

The gang next door goes by the name of ‘The Razors’ there a dirty bunch that love scooters, the type that would kick sand in your eyes in a ‘one on one’.

The gangs up the street are ‘The Ruckus’ who reassemble something from the scene of an orphanage, they also prefer ripsticks and ‘The Creeps’ who stand around and talk about W.O.W, the creeps are placid and seem to be allies to everyone but underneath you can tell they could snap at any moment.

We have decided to start our own street gang; we are ‘The Locos’.

We are an offshoot of the Rotten Teeth Motor Cycle Club.


Cousin It... with hairspray